Naam Karan Sanskar

The ceremony of naming the infant is the ritual in which adults or Priest gives a name to that child.After the birth of a child, naming ceremony or the Namkaran Sanskar is one of the most important event.The ceremony mostly performed within a month but before first birthday.The child name should be meaningful and reflects a noble quality.On this day a formal horoscope is drawn and accordingly a name is suggested by the priest.

Priest declares the first letter of child name according to the position of the stars and by calculating the birth time when he was born. After Solemnization the Namkaran Sanskar parents can choose name according to their wish, starting from that particular letter defined by the Panditji.It is believed by so many peoples that name affects the nature and future of a child. That's why this Vedic Namkaran Sanskar is very important for the little child which makes it social.

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